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A creative team of designers and developers working day and night to bring augmented realities in our games. Our games are creative as well as useful for daily life learnings.

We connect and engage the world through gaming entertainment...

Although we are proud of our past, we are even more eager for the future.

We have a lot of energy and are driven, passionate, and creative. We are the ones running at breakneck speed toward the next frontier, and we are constantly seeking teammates! Every facet of game development is handled by us. We cover every aspect of video games, from cut scenes to gameplay, analytics to top charts.

In a nutshell, we provide audiences with a five star experience. We accomplish this by developing a thorough understanding of their needs and supplying a solid, distinctive, perceptive, and captivating product. In order to deliver the best gaming experiences to our users while remaining flexible and responsive throughout a project, Broken Diamond works on public research and User-centered approach.

We are proud of our origins, but we are even more excited about our future!

Our team, which includes veterans in the fields of video games, music, technology, publishing, marketing, and communications, is redefining how mobile games are created and distributed. We believe that every community should be able to enjoy an immersive gaming environment that ties them to one another and the media they enjoy. If so, you might be exactly the person we're looking for to join our team.

We aim to produce the best games possible. To accomplish that, our team needs to contribute their best ideas, and these ideas can only be developed in an environment that is safe for discussion and encourages diversity of thought. We are aware that the best way for our leaders to motivate our teams is for us to be prepared to put in the effort necessary to make the team and the business successful.
It’s okay if we don't always succeed. When we fail, we focus on how to succeed rather than assigning blame.

Our team works really hard to provide users the best experience...

We are aware that we are tackling significant obstacles that will pit us against some of the biggest and most powerful businesses in the world. We are inspired by the knowledge that, even when facing the most formidable opposition, our advantages lie in our ability to focus, adapt, and persevere.

Would you like to join our team?

Broken Diamond is an independent app and game development studio, driven by a passion for creating products that millions of users will enjoy. We are currently creating Pro experiences for smartphones and tablets after being founded by veterans of the sector.

Broken Diamond is an independent apps and games development studio with a dedicated, multidisciplinary team and a passion for making apps and games loved by millions of users. Founded by industry veterans, Broken Diamond is currently developing AAA experiences for smartphones and tablets.

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